Emily Cossaboon, Au.D.

IMG_0945Dr. Cossaboon earned her masters of science from Radford University and her doctorate in Audiology from Salus University. Her background includes hearing testing and aural rehabilitation for pediatric through geriatric patients, hearing aid and assistive device fittings for school age and adult patients and balance testing and treatment for patients with ear related balance problems.

Dr. Cossaboon has over 16 years of experience including both working in clinical settings as well as working as a trainer and account manager for a leading hearing device manufacturer. She specializes in treating the entire patient’s auditory needs to make sure the patient not only has the right devices but understands how to get the most out of those devices for their daily listening needs. Dr. Cossaboon enjoys water color painting and hiking with her husband, and golden retriever when she is not in the office.