Hearing Aids

Our sense of hearing is an important link to the world. It allows us to connect to others and gather information necessary to make our lives more pleasurable and easier. Untreated hearing loss can affect your ability to understand speech, impacting you both socially and emotionally.

The Audiologists of ENT Specialists of Shady Grove provide a full range of on-site audiological services. After being evaluated by our physicians, a comprehensive hearing test is completed with recommendations made for medical management and non-medical management. Depending upon the test findings and the patient’s communication needs, assistive listening devices may be recommended and / or a hearing aid consultation. A consult educates our patients on all the options available to them to meet their listening needs, lifestyle demands and cost concerns. New innovations in Bluetooth technology and connectivity are opening up opportunities for new users and existing users. When hearing aids are recommended, they are dispensed for a 30-45 day trail period. A comprehensive counseling and orientation program is provided prior to the patient wearing the devices in their everyday environments. Follow-up visits scheduled during the trial period allow for optimal adjustment to the hearing aids.

Hearing aids may be covered by the patient’s insurance. It is imperative that the individual contact their insurance company for the most current information. In addition, interest free financing is available through CareCredit at www.carecredit.com.