Recurrent Colds

Most people experience a bout with the common cold from time to time, and despite a few miserable days, it’s not that serious an illness.

However, there are instances in which colds are recurrent and completely alter a person’s quality of life. When this occurs, more than the basic rest fluids, over-the-counter cold medication is required to treat the problem.

Suffering recurrent cold-related symptoms could indicate a problem with a person’s immunity. It could also be a sign of a respiratory or sinus infection that needs to be treated with antibiotics. Cold symptoms might not even be an illness, but instead triggered by an allergic reaction that could be managed with medication. This is often the case when recurrent cold symptoms occur during a certain time of year or when exposed to a certain environment.

Finally, recurrent colds could be connected with a serious medical condition, which is why it is so important to see a doctor. If the cold symptoms you experience are not gone within a few days, return multiple times, or are coupled with atypical symptoms, you should contact a doctor as soon as possible.