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From enjoying music to late-night conversations with friends, our sense of hearing enriches our lives daily. Yet hearing loss is an all-too-common affliction; roughly one in eight American adults suffer from symptoms of such issues. If you belong to this category, contact ENT surgery specialists to regain your hearing and former quality of life. 

Chevy Chase, MD, residents can turn to the ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery Specialists of Shady Grove for dedicated care and effective treatment options. An evidence-based practice, we are committed to providing our patients with high-quality ear, nose, and throat care as well as facial plastic surgery treatments. Our specialists have the expertise to swiftly and accurately assess your condition and put you on the path to better hearing. To learn more about our hearing loss services or make an appointment, call ​​(301) 315-5888 today!

Below, we discuss how ENT specialists can improve your quality of life:

Impacts of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss conditions impair communication and social function, which may require patients to implement drastic lifestyle changes. Difficulties with hearing can limit the length and depth of conversation, complicating social interactions. These obstacles rob daily pleasures, such as listening to music or the voice of a loved one, of their joy and support of well-being. 

Additionally, our ability to hear plays an integral role in our safety. For this reason, those with hearing loss may struggle to perform daily tasks without aid. Yet professional treatment can counteract hearing loss and minimize its impact on the quality of life.

Types of Hearing Loss 

For this discussion, we’ll look at 3 types of hearing loss: Sensorineural, conductive, and combination (mixed hearing loss). Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when the ear cannot transmit signals to the brain. Although often incurable, medications and hearing aids can help sufferers manage their symptoms.

Alternatively, conductive hearing loss can be permanent or temporary and arises from malfunctions that prevent noise from reaching the inner ear. Though it is the most treatable form of hearing loss, care for conductive hearing loss depends on the underlying diagnosis.

Potential diagnoses include the following: 

  • Tinnitus: Characterized by a ringing sound in the ear unrelated to external noises, tinnitus can result from blood flow near the ear, acoustic trauma, old age, or an ear infection. It may result in hearing loss in one ear (unilateral) or both ears (bilateral).
  • Fluid Build-up: Fluid build-up creates a barrier that prevents sound from reaching the inner ear and is common among children.
  • Eustachian Tube Dysfunction: Eustachian tubes connect the upper part of your throat to your ears and may cause hearing loss when clogged.
  • Ruptured Eardrum: Tears in the membrane separating the outer and middle ear may cause sudden hearing loss if they result from trauma, but hearing loss often heals on its own.

Facial Plastic Surgery and Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Chevy Chase MD

Facial plastic surgery specialists provide numerous treatment options to minimize the impact of hearing loss. Treatments vary depending on the form and severity of hearing loss. For instance, antibiotics may help clear blockages or prevent infections. More severe hearing loss may necessitate the placement of support/drainage tubes or partial ear reconstruction. For otherwise untreatable conditions, hearing aids provide a simple, non-invasive solution to amplify noise and improve hearing. 

Leading Hearing Loss Care in Chevy Chase, MD

Chevy Chase, MD, residents can contact ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery Specialists of Shady Grove for comprehensive hearing loss care. No matter the severity of your condition, our expert team is committed to delivering high-quality, individualized care. We can get you on the path to improved hearing in no time. For more information or to book an appointment today, call ​​(301) 315-5888.

Joe DePalma

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